Shocks and Suspension

Your car’s suspension system is what helps you stay in control of your vehicle when driving. At Austin’s Alignment & Brakes, we can help you keep that control with shocks and suspension service for your shocks, springs and struts that’s comprehensive, conscientious and expertly performed by trained technicians – all for an affordable price.

Your suspension system may need attention if you’ve noticed any of the following:

• Fluid leaks from your shocks or struts
• Your mounts seem excessively worn or broken
• Damaged or dented shock or strut bodies
• Tire tread wear that is uneven
• Your car leans or sways when you turn
• Automobile lurches forward when you apply your brakes
• Your steering wheel seems stiff or makes an unusual noise
• Your overall ride seems more bumpy or shaky than usual

Shocks, struts and springs have a direct impact on the performance of your vehicle. When properly maintained, they will keep your car or truck holding to the road and handling well – so paying attention to their upkeep is an essential part of your auto maintenance plan. So bring your car in to Austin’s Alignment & Brakes today for an inspection and any necessary auto repairs in Austin TX. We’ll make sure you stay in control and get back on the road in no time!