Brake Repair and Service

Brakes are one of the most essential safety components in any car or truck. At Austin’s Alignment & Brakes, we know that your car’s safety depends on our high quality, professional brake service – and it’s a job we take to heart. Our friendly, experienced mechanics will make sure your brakes are functioning properly and performing well, to keep road travel safe for you and your family. Call Austin’s Alignment and Brakes for car repair and service in Austin Texas.

Few things are as scary as stepping on the brake only to find that it is faulty or non-responsive. In an emergency situation, properly functioning brakes can make the difference between life and death, so it’s imperative that you give them regular attention from professional, knowledgeable experts in the field. At Austin’s Alignment & Brakes, we know brakes better than anyone – and we’re putting our years of experience and know-how to use for you.

It’s time to bring your brakes in for inspection if you’ve experienced any of the following:

• Brakes are sticking or shake when applied
• Car pulls to one side when you apply your brakes
• You hear a screeching or squealing noise when your brakes are applied
• You hear a grinding sound when your brakes are applied
• Brakes are “touchy” and grabbing with very little pressure
• Brake pedal requires a lot of extra pressure to function
• Brakes do not function until brake pedal is pressed almost to the floorboard

Of course, driving safely and using your brakes responsibly can always help, but a quality inspection and service are still necessary to keep your brakes in working order. Give the pros at Austin’s Alignment & Brakes a call today and let us give you a “brake”!