Automotive Tune Ups

Whether your vehicle is a small Smart Car or a huge Hummer, every car needs a tune up. Cars that receive regular automotive tune ups are more efficient, safer and easier to drive. At Austin’s Alignment & Brakes, we will ensure that all of your vehicle’s systems – ignition, fuel, computer, emissions and more – are working together at top performance levels, giving you a safer automobile and a ride that’s better overall.

Most dealers recommend regular tune ups every 30,000 miles or once every two years. Regardless of how well your car might be running, a tune up is an essential part of auto maintenance that can find and stop problems before they even begin.

Tune ups include spark plug replacement (when necessary), emission level analysis, adjustment of timing/idle speed and a complete inspection. We’ll attend to your fuel filters and system, valves and belts, rotor and distributor caps and needed fluids for brakes, transmission, shocks and suspension repair and more. We’ll address any mechanical problems that might be discovered during inspection, and keep you well-informed throughout the process.

At Austin’s Alignment & Brakes, we offer detailed, professional automotive service and maintenance that can get and keep your car perfectly fit for the road. Don’t waste time – contact us today!