Auto A/C Repair and Service

We do much more that automobile alignment and brake repair. During a hot summer drive in Austin, it can sometimes be hard to keep your cool. Let Austin’s Alignment and Brakes help you out with attention to an essential component of any car’s comfort: the air conditioning system. We offer quality auto AC repair and service in Austin TX.

Temperatures might be on the rise, but we can help you keep the climate inside your car cool as a cucumber with service to your Heating/Ventilation/Air Conditioning (HVAC) System. Our certified, trained staff members will ensure that your system is properly diagnosed, evacuated and recharged for efficient performance that’s compliant with federal and manufacturer requirements. With equipment that’s highly effective and approved by the EPA, Austin’s Alignment and Brakes will diagnose any problems you might have and address them with premium repair services that are delivered in time and within your budget.

Among the services we’ll perform:

• System evacuation
• Drive belt tension inspection and adjustment
• Inspection for hose, coupling, valve or evaporator leaks
• Refrigerant recovery and replacement
• Condenser fin cleaning (if necessary)
• Compressor operation testing
• Pressure tests
• Output temperature and antifreeze level check
• Control operation, blower motor and cooling fan inspection
If your HVAC system is leaving you hot under the collar, give Austin’s Alignment & Brakes a call today!